Der Regen hat etwas magisches. Er ist das Einzige, was dich mit erhobenem Kopf durch die Welt gehen lässt, wenn deine Augen voller Tränen sind...



.das ich


Too long we let this fall apart
Too long we believed in those with no heart
Too long fake fools they had their say
No more will you disgrace my everything
Not this time
No more
Not this time

Too long values we let the blend and fade
Too long our truths they've gone so astray
Too long I believed you and I were one in the same
No more will you deface my only name

This time is my time
This time is our time
Those who struggle
The ones with sight
Come from the heart and sacrifice
We are so alive

This is our time...
4.1.07 19:29

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